Module 4 - Society-Nature Relations and Natural Resources (6 ECTS)

Aims of the module:

Topics covered in the course include in particular:

  1. Introduction to basic theories of resource and environmental economics (neoclassical theory, ecological economics etc.)
  2. Political Economy approaches to nature and natural resources (distribution conflicts, unequal ecological exchange, role of human rights etc)
  3. Political Ecology approaches to nature and natural resources
  4. Historical aspects of society-nature relations (colonial legacy, etc)

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion, students…

  • are able to analyse specific cases (e.g. countries, commodities, branches) concerning the use of natural resources and related problems
  • know basic approaches to the relationship between society and nature and the role of natural resources in it
  • are able to analyse power asymmetries in the control and distribution of nature and natural resources
  • have acquired a knowledge about particular historical aspects