Module 3 - Global Political Economy of the State and Institutions (6 ECTS)

Aims of the module:

Topics covered in the course include in particular:

  1. Concepts and theories of institutions and the state (institutionalist, public choice and critical approaches)
  2. State transformation in a globalised world with emphasis on different state forms
  3. Global governance and the internationalisation of the state
  4. Current approaches to state analysis
  5. Property rights and economic development
  6. Political economy of corruption, democratization and theories linking democracy to economic development

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion, students…

  • better understand the complexity of state transformation, its embeddedness in socio-economic processes
  • have acquired a knowledge about current theoretical and conceptual debates about institutions and the state
  • gained an understanding of global governance structures and their functioning
  • are able to analyse the role of institutions and the state and state transformation in particular countries and regions