Module 2 - Global Political Economy and Economic Development (6 ECTS)

Aims of the module:

Topics covered in the course include in particular:

  1. Overview of theories on growth, economic development and structural transformation and critical approaches to economic development including   postcolonial and feminist theories
  2. Introduction to theories of International Political Economy and their conceptualization of economic development
  3. Overview of the current global development context (globalization, global value chains, international trade, investment and financial policies, formal and informal labour, natural resources and environment, geopolitical context) and implications on countries’ policy space
  4. Discussion on historical and current policy debates including trade and investment policy, industrial policy, resource policy, private sector development, gender policy, etc.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion, students…

  • have an overview of and can put into context different theories on economic development and their critique
  • have a detailed understanding and can apply a political economy approach to different questions of development
  • have an understanding on changes in the global development context in terms of globalization, new actors and policies
  • have an understanding on and can participate in policy  debates on important development  policy issues  in historical and current contexts